Double Loop Flemish Twist



Double Loop Flemish TwistThese double loop Flemish Twist strings are for the longbow and traditional archer (although could be used on recurve bows also).

Made using 2 bundles of strands twisted together to form the loops at either end and the centre served with serving thread. Double loop Flemish twist strings made with Dacron or Fast Flight Plus in this manner may stretch a little to start with till the twists bed together. Although this should be minimal as they are pre-stretched to over 200lb before adding centre serving. If the string stretches just add a few more twists.

Where the ends marry into the main body of the string you may see some frayed edges appear this is noting to worry about and they can just be smoothed back into the string and a little wax added if needed to keep them in place. This should be minimal as the way I produce the strings should reduce this.

The double loop is more conventiant as you don’t have to worry about tying a bowyers knot which can slip if not tied correctly.

For a basic overview of how I make these strings take a look a this youtube video

If you are a recurve archer and want to try a Flemish twist string in of the other performance material (8125g/BCY-X) then get in touch and we can arrange this for you.