Custom 8125g Recurve Bowstrings

Hand crafted Custom 8125g Recurve Bowstrings of the highest quality.

Here at Evans Performance Bowstrings we pride ourselves in producing some of the best strings available using only the best string and serving materials and in one of the largest colour ranges available.

International shipping, Club discounts, and sports apparel are just some of the great services we offer.  We also have several other materials available for your stings in a range of colours, and make traditional Flemish twist strings for your Longbow and Traditional bows. 

When making your custom 8125g recurve bowstrings, Evans Performance Bowstrings use only top quality tools and bespoke equipment, ensuring the highest quality strings are made for your use. 

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About Evans Performance Bowstrings

Whether you shoot Olympic style Recurve, Compound, or you’re a more traditional archer shooting longbow, or even a horse bow, we can provide strings to suit your needs.

Every string is hand crafted by me so you can guarantee your string will be made to the same standard every time you order.

I’ve been shooting since around 2003, and started crafting my own strings in 2009.  Since then I have forged my own unique way of producing what I, and many others, believe are the best strings available.  Custom 8125g Recurve Bowstrings are made using bespoke equipment and the best serving tools.

If you want any advice on what string may be best for you or the best material ,please feel free to contact me, either via email or send me a message on my Facebook page.  For archery advice in general, I’m always happy to talk archery to anyone.  I’m also a Continental judge, so I’ll try and help my best with rules, too.

To order your custom 8125g recurve bowstrings click here.

We also work closely with Bowrap for all your arrow wrap and sticker requirements.  Take a look at their website here

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